Why You Think to Travel to Langkawi with Ferry Service

Do you like to travel? Are you thinking to travel to Langkawi by ferry service? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you have certainly come to the right place. In this article we have discussed some important things and provided you some essential tips by which you can comfortably as well as easily travel to Langkawi with your family or your friends and can enjoy the beauty of Langkawi Island that you have dreamt for. Through, it was not very easy once upon a time, but these days due to the advancement of science and technology many routes and the ways come out and people all over the world are increasing day by day to travel to Langkawi Island.

Great Travel to Langkawi by Ferry Service


One of the best of the best ways to travel to Langkawi is from Penang – Langkawi ferry service, which is no doubt the suitable way or the service managed and operated by Langkawi Ferry Services. On the other hand, the place Langkawi boasts one of the familiar International airports which is located near twenty km or said 13 miles approximate distance in Padang Matsirat. Though, there is also a different way to come across the mainland, but prior to travel you must decide about your route and you need to be very sure about your life insurance coverage, as well as paid it up first, before you like to travel to Langkawi Island.

Penang to Medan and in Sumatra

You must know or have heard from the people who have already travelled to the place that most of the time they operate as well as managed a fleet of high-speed traveler ferries that connect Langkawi to the mainland Malaysia as well as Penang to the Langkawi ferry terminal which is very close to Kuah. Sometimes they operate from Penang to Medan and in Sumatra which is a best place in Indonesia to travel, a place which is called a place for adventure lovers. So it is the high time to set foot on the way you have dreamt for such a long time with your friends and discover the amazing place in the world.

Set Your foot to Penang with Ferry Service

When you have already decided to travel to Langkawi Island by Ferry and once you are on the Island there are also some other things that might attract you when you like to get around and want to drink the beauty of nature and fulfill the thirst of your adventurous mind, and especially when you have friend who also like it to discover the beauty of Langkawi Island. If you are decide to travel with the help of Langkawi ferry service then this is the high time to go for. The ferries are definitely one which operates four routes to the Island from Kuala Kedah, Perlis, Penang as well as Satun in the beautiful Thailand across the entire places round the clock.

Most adventurous way of Traveling from Singapore to Bintan

Expensively manicured lawns and luxury resorts are two of the main attractions of Bintan. It is little wonder that more travelers are searching for creative ways of moving from Singapore to Bintan. After all, the town is in Indonesia, which is a major hit with tourists from all corners of the world. Travelers and tourists alike have multiple options regarding how to travel between Singapore and Bintan, book easybook ferry to bintan ticket online as well. The ferry represents one of the most adventurous ways of traveling to the historically-rich town if you are in Singapore.

Therefore, in addition to the adventures, why should the ferry appeal to you?

Favorable Distance


First, traveling by ferry will only take you about 1hr and 30 minutes. The ferry offers a perfect opportunity to view some of the major landmarks that lie in the distance between Singapore and Bintan. Along the way, you will encounter several checkpoints and meet with numerous armed guards who ensure that the journey has enough excitement yet remains safe for everybody. The ferry offers the chance to enjoy every aspect of the colorful town that you can see while traveling in the waters.

Rich History

The town has a wonderful history. At some point, it was a favorite destination for people interested in prostitution as well as gambling. However, the local authorities clamped down hard on prostitution and gambling thus ensuring that it retains its crucial place as one of the historical cities in Indonesia. Traveling by ferry offers the chance to see some of the aspects that make Bintan crucial to the history of Indonesia. Your itinerary could include taking a visit to the impressively vibrant ancient market. Some parts of the market are visible from the sea.

Excellent Beaches and Water Activities

Bintan is full of excellent beaches. Do not expect to find clean waters. This is because of the murkiness that the proximity of the town to shipping lanes as well as Singapore and some industries in Batam has created. The town has multiple options for people in need of water-based activities, which are accessible from any of the resorts in the town. Some of the water activities include snorkeling, diving, kayaking, kite rides and banana boat rides. Depending on the ferry, you can embark on island hopping while on your way to Bintan from Singapore.

Delicious Local Cuisine

While on the ferry, do not pass up the chance to sample some of the local cuisines. The most common foods on the ferry are seafood. The beauty about the seafood is that it is not only fresh but also affordable. Not only is the service inside the ferry good, but also the waiters serving you with the delicious seafood are warm and friendly. The ferry does not serve English menu all the time, hence the importance of learning some basics from the Indonesian phrasebook to learn local terms for specific foods that you wish to eat while traveling.

Online Booking and Documents

Lastly, you can book the ferry tickets online. Private charters by ferry are subject to availability but only if you request. It is advisable to check in 30 minutes before the ferry departs for Bintan from Singapore. International travelers must have important documents that immigration clearance requires and these include embarkation card, boarding pass, VISA (only where necessary) and an international passport whose validity does not end at least 6 months prior to the travel.

Thailand Night Bus Service Options & Ticket Services

Thailand is one of the most popular and traveled- to nations in the South East Asian region and thus, while on a trip there, tourists from all over the globe look for an affordable yet comfortable commute means to go around in the region. In this context, one of the most budget friendly as well as easy means to commute from one place to other In Thailand is via the Thailand Night bus services where the tickets can easily be booked on the same day as well easily and comfortably.

Where travel agencies and buy easybook thailand bus ticket are in plenty in today’s times, the bus tickets of the night buses can be availed with utmost ease. The great benefits associated with the travel by VIP bus services lies in the fact that there is a free pick up option from the hotel of the traveler, among others.

The tourist night buses available in Thailand

Where the tourist night buses are available with utmost comfort in the country, the seating availability is mainly 40 in each of the coaches. The buses in this night bus category usually come with advantages of having washroom and toilets on the bus along with pretty comfortable and great reclinable seating options, the buses are air conditioned and blankets are provided to get in utmost comfort while the air gets cold. Where the seats are lesser in number, water bottles, and a free pick up from the hotel are some of the other factors which are beneficial.

Some of the pros and cons are:


Pros: The night buses are cheap and relatively easy to book.

Cons: Robbery is a common woe while traveling on this bus. Thus being extra careful about the luggage and keeping things of importance with oneself and giving the others in the luggage compartments help save the woes to a great extent. The other con is the fact that the staff members are no too friendly and helpful.

An important tip in regards to pricing of the ticket:

Comparing the prices of various bus agencies or companies while buying the bus ticket via travel agencies should be of utmost importance to any traveler. Sometimes a travel agency might charge more for the same tourist bus company for personal benefits.

Types and class of the tourist night buses

While the night buses that start off from the local bus terminals of every city in Thailand are in plenty, the prices and the classes usually differ from company to company.

The best way to differentiate between the types and the classes of buses are:

  • Blue stripes: This is the stripe which can be seen at the side of the bus and these ones denote the first class travel with 40 luxurious seats.
  • Yellow stripes: These ones are the VIP bus option with 32 seats availability.
  • Pink stripes: Buses with pink stripes at their sides are the VIP+ ones with only 24 seating availability.

While all the buses come with toilets and it’s, the lesser the seats the more leg space!